Distribution Industry

Distribution means to spread the product throughout the marketplace such that a large number of people can buy it. Distribution can make or break a company. A good distribution system quite simply means the company has greater chance of selling its products more than its competitors. The company that spreads its products wider and faster into the market place at lower costs than its competitors will make greater margins absorb raw material price rise better and last longer in tough market conditions. Distribution is critical for any type of industry or service.
Distribution involves doing the following things:

  • A good transport system to take the goods into different geographical areas.
  • A good tracking system so that the right goods reach at the right time in the right quantity.
  • A good packaging, which takes the wear and tear of transport.
  • Tracking the places where the product can be placed such that there is a maximum opportunity to buy it.
  • It also involves a system to take back goods from the trade.



Software for all the companies such as retailers,distributors,manufacturers etc. All billings, Accounting, Stock maintenance and bar coding can be easily maintain.

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PSM Retail

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Retail,Sales and Wholesale

At PSM SoftTech you can meet your Retail, Sales and Wholesale Distribution business requirements with our latest desktop and web applications.

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