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FMCG Distribution Software

FMCG Distribution Software is useful for complete inventory and account management. It is helpful for easy and fast billing.Distribution software helps companies to manage internal and external resources efficiently by minimizing stockouts but ensuring overstocking doesn't occur as well.Distribution software refers to software which manages everything from order processing and inventory control to accounting, purchasing and customer service, supply chain management, sales, customer relationship management, and finance management.

Feature of FMCG Distribution Software

Email Configuration Option

E-mail Configuration facility for the user to send the softcopy PDF file of sale/ purchase bill through SMTP. It allows the user to send an e-mail of softcopy PDF on the issue and receive of invoices and also to send e-mail on a new bill, modified bills, Receipt and payment.

SMS Configuration Option

SMS Configuration setup option, the user can send direct Bulk SMS to Customers, Debtors, Creditors, and Field Staff etc. The user cans SMS current or outstanding bill details to his Party or customers. It also allows sending SMS regarding thanks SMS for Receipt or Payment.

Counter Sale Entry

By this option, multiple salesmen can handle multiple customers on single computer. From NPSM, it's a superb gift for over busy counters.
  • Multi customer handling provision
  • Direct interaction with database no need to save
  • Customer merge provision
  • Purchase bill feeding on counter entry
  • Operator wise counter sales
  • Supervisor can see all counter sales
  • Counter sale to Bill conversion

Data Entries

In NPSM, there are 18+ different types of Inventory entries & 12+ different type of accounting entries system you can show & hide them as per your requirements.
  • Accounting Voucher Entries
    1. Payment
    2. Receipt
    3. Journal
    4. Debit Note
    5. Credit Note
    6. Sale vii Purchase
    7. Interest Journal
    8. Un-cleared Cash
  • Single Entry System
    1. Multi dated, Multi Ledger receipt & payment entry with Cash / Bank / Other Ledger
  • Multi-Party Cheques & Cash Receipt System
    1. Cheque & Cash both can be received with collection tags loading provision.
    2. Search on Bill & Party with shortage system
  • Multi-Party Advance Cheques Payment
    1. Cheque can be issue in advance with cheque printing provision
  • Advance Cheques from Customer to Suppliers
  • Inventory Entries :-
    1. Sale
    2. Counter Sale
    3. Sale Return \ Credit Note
    4. Credit Note
    5. Purchase
    6. Purchase Return
    7. Purchase Return Breakage/Expiry
    8. Replacement Issue
    9. Replacement Receive
    10. Stock Issue
    11. Stock Receive
    12. Quotation
    13. Price Difference Sales Credit/Debit/Commission D/N
    14. Price Difference Purchase Credit/Debit Note
    15. Conversion Entries
    16. Sale Order
    17. Purchase Order
    18. Purchase Indent
  • Purchase Import
    1. Issue/Receipt
    2. Direct Receipt
  • Batch/Process Manufacturing:
    1. Material Indent Raw/Packing
    2. Material Issue Requisition Raw/Packing
    3. Additional Material Issue Raw/Packing
    4. Return Raw/Packing

Accounting Reports

NPSM is an advance accounting software. Its reporting system is very powerful as you can convert any report in XLS formats etc. and can mail to your customers on a single click
  • Ledgers / Cash / Bank Books (With Last Year Closing As Opening Balance)
  • Day Book / Journal / Dr/Cr. Note / Receipt / Payment
  • Sales / Purchase Registers
  • Duties & Taxes
  • Trial Balance/Trading/P & L Account/Balance Sheet on Tips
  • Auto-Bank Reconciliation & Interest Calculation
  • Depreciation Statement
  • Monthly summaries of ledgers & Groups
  • Voucher Separate/Multi Printing
  • Interest Calculation Party/ Account Group/etc on 360 & 365 Days
  • Advance Cheque with Cheque Printing on Self-Designed Format
  • Post Dated Cheques & Bank Pay in Slip
  • Ledger / Group Analysis & Comparisons
  • Summaries of any Accounting Group / Ledgers
  • Overdue (Receivable & Payable) Party / MR / Route / Area wise / Tagging
  • All Accounts bundle reports (If Accountant use different software)
  • Data Import/Export from other software through EXCEL.
  • Expenses Import/Export for creating fast balance sheet
  • Frequent Voucher System on Amount, Sale & Purchase bases

Stock Reports

In NPSM, you can maintain as well as manage Company wise Reports, Batch- wise Reports, Old/Expiry wise Stocks Reports, Minimum/ Maximum Level wise Stock Reports, etc. Through these reports you can enter into stock register and from there you can reach the bill. You can also export these reports & statements in excel, pdf etc
  • All Items / Available Items
  • Company / Category / Group wise Stock
  • Batch/MRP/Size wise Stock
  • Stock Valuation on Format
  • Purchase Type wise Stock
  • Selected Supplier wise Stock
  • Minimum / Maximum Level Stock
  • Near Expiry Stock report
  • Negative Stock report
  • Stock Ledger Statement
  • Rate Difference Stock List on New Rate/MRP/Sale Rates/MRP wise Purchase/MRP=0
  • Negative Stock report
  • Manufacturer wise Stock
  • Barcode wise Stock
  • Stock & Sales Statement:
    1. Today's Sales, Purchase & Closing Stock
    2. Value Wise
    3. Quantity Only
    4. Summarized
    5. For selected Company / Godown / Supplier / Area / Route
    6. With & w/o item detail
    7. With Last Month Comparisons
    8. With effect of Challan or not
    9. For selected purchase type

Rate Management

Rate Master of NPSM is very much advanced for the fulfillment of the customer's need. In these 9 Price Lists, Party wise Special Rates, Minimum Rates, Pick Rates from Last Delivery, Net Rate and Lot Rate etc… advanced options are available, so there is no need to remember rates at the time of billing
  • 9 Rates, MRP, Purchase Rates.
  • Party wise default rate for Sales.
  • Party wise Item special Rates.
  • Party wise Add in Rate provision.
  • Master/Batch/Date wise Rates.
  • Minimum Rate setup.
  • Price to Retailer / Price to Stockiest provision.
  • Self-define name for 9 price list.
  • Rate in 2,3,4 decimals.
  • Pick Rates, Schemes, Discounts from last deals
  • Less rate indication.
  • ew/Old rate indication & printing provision.
  • Provision to open batch windows if different rates on FIFO.
  • Generate Net Rate on the bases of purchase discount.
  • Net Rate, Net W/o Deal, Lot Rate, Scheme Net Rate, Estimated Rate hot keys.
  • Multi Rate changer & Rate advisor.

Barcode Management

In NPSM, barcode can be generated in GS1, Serial, Shuffle, Composite etc ways. In NPSM, we have developed advance system to manage International and self- Barcode.
  • Barcode Searching on Item, Batch/Size/MRP/etc .
  • Show item list with Barcode No. provision.
  • Item Searching on Name for Barcode Missing on +key.
  • Print only self-defined barcode for un-bar-coded items.
  • Barcode printing on Laser, DeskJet & Other Barcode Printers
  • Self-defined Barcode Printing Format.
  • GS1, Serial, Shuffle Barcode creation system inbuilt.

Challan Management

Sometimes nearby customers get loose items, you can't make bill for that every time, In NPSM, we had given a provision of Challan. You can issue that loose items in challan and convert it partially or all into the bill as per your requirement. These challan always show pending unless you do not convert it into bill. These challan will only effect on your Inventory but not in Accounts.
  • Challan Loading Automatically / Selected on Upto Amount, Upto Date, All.
  • Monthly / Weekly challan to Single / Separate Bill conversion provision.
  • Selected Items with partial quantity loading provision.
  • Challan Items go in challan at the time of bill deletion.
  • Stock updating on the bases of Bill / Challan Date.
  • Load parties challan in cash invoice provision.
  • Multi challan loading and provision of split on the bases of Company, Tax type, MRP Tax etc.
  • Only show sales man pending challan of selected party for loading provision.
  • Party wise challan allowed .
  • Challan print in filled order or index on item, company etc.
  • Challan items can be printed underlined or with defined sign in bill printing.
  • Challan No. & Date can be print as a heading.
  • You can define maximum Challan limit in Value & No.

Order Management

In NPSM software, Sales & Purchase Order management is very advance, there is facility of loading partial or full order. To run NSPM according to every customer there is several setups available such as balance order should be pending or get automatically deleted, at the time of overloading in bill whether pick rate from order or from masters etc .
  • Purchase & Sales order management.
  • Reorder System on the bases of Sales, Stock-Sales Order, Minimum Level, Todays Sales, etc.
  • Provision to split order in parts.
  • Show old pending orders of item at the time of ordering.
  • Provision to show last deals of Sale/Purchase or Order.
  • Item/Order wise delivery date, terms & instructions.
  • Selected Parties/Items wise pending order list.
  • Order Analysis on Sales Order, Purchase Order & Current Stock.
  • Provision to load pending orders in bill modification.
  • Provision to collect cash/cheque and post in accounts.
  • Cannot be loaded Partial Quantity.
  • Sign for unchecked loaded items from order.
  • Purchase/Sale orders can be created online at the time of billing.
  • Provision to update orders on Bill Edit/Delete.
  • Provision to pick rates, deals, discounts from order or normal.
  • Provision to control order on Batch / MRP / Size wise.
  • Store wise sales order provision.
  • Balance order Delete & Pending provision on sales.
  • Provision for order quantity less on Qty or Qty + Free.
  • Self-defined printing formats & orders in softcopy.
  • Provision to print pending orders on party bills.

Post Dated & Advance Cheque Management

The Cheques you have received are of todays or future date. You can post today's dated cheques in bank but what will about future dated cheques? In NPSM, we have developed a provision of PDC by which you can maintain your future cheques and clear them on the bases of Bank-Paying-Slip. Same provision is also developed for Advance Cheque Issued.
  • Advance Cheque issue to Supplier.
  • Advance Cheques received from customers.
  • Pending advance cheques adjustment on billing.
  • Un-cleared cash (Advance Cash) for Expenses.
  • Bank-Pay-In Slip Printing.
  • Cheque Clearance for Issued PDC.
  • Pending PDC list : Single Party, Whole, Consolidated Summary, Date wise.
  • CMS/Purchase Cheque System.
  • Bank Planning (Requirement as per Limit) on CMS, Purchase, Payment & Today's

Sales Bill Attraction

In NPSM, billing system is very advanced and easy to use. In our views, customer spend more time on their billing so that we are always focused the ways which you can do your billing with the less time and less use of enter key. That’s why auto challan to invoice and sale order to invoice conversion option is here .
  • Provision for Barcode Billing & Printing.
  • Item Search on Name, Code, Brand(Company), Category, Barcode, etc.
  • Provision for Item Image printing on bill.
  • Light Fluctuation Security (Unsaved bills can be loaded).
  • Multi Bills on Single Computer for multi customer handling.
  • Hot keys to feed Purchase, Other Entry or Modify/Print Bills.
  • Provision to load item rates from other bill.
  • Import & Export Data from Branch/Head Office.
  • Credit / Cash / Credit Card / Cash + Credit Card provision.
  • Party wise credit/cash provision.
  • Cash bills/parties separate ledger & outstanding provision.
  • Ledger & Outstanding for Cash Sale & Stock Add/Less.
  • Cash / Card / Cheque Receipt & Advance Cheque provision in Bill.
  • 3 Provisions of add/less in bill for Freight, Packing, Others.
  • Credit/Debit Note adjustment provision in bill.
  • Cancelation, Amendment with amended items statement.
  • Provision for Direct Email Bill/SMS Bill to Party & Field Staff.
  • Prohibited Party/Item provision (Transaction allowed only to selected users).
  • Hide Party/Item provision (Show only to selected users).
  • Stop billing provision for Company/Item/Party wise Item.
  • Challan Selection: Selective/All Items/Partial Quantity.
  • Order Selection: Selective/All Items. Balance order shift in Shortage, Delete, Pending
  • Country Entry: Selective/All Items .
  • Party History Dashboard on Party Selection.
  • E.g. Ledger Balance, Overdue, Outstanding Bills, Credit Limit, Last Bill History
  • Last Payment Detail, PDC Pending, Annual & Monthly Sales and Return %, Address.
  • Rate, Scheme & discount ask only on right key and skip on enter for very fast billing.
  • Print Batch provision for less from other batch and print other batch (Party wise).
  • Auto split of bills on Company, Tax Type, MRP/Sale Tax, etc bases.
  • Challan Selection: Selective/All Items/Partial Quantity.
  • Physical stock verification based on Company \ Manufacture, Category, Group, Rack, Batch, Expiry etc.

Purchase Attraction

In NPSM several calculation methods are available which will help you in matching the bill values sent by supplier. There is provision in which you can feed and check sales rates & deal etc at the time of purchase.
  • Purchase Order & Indent provision.
  • Purchase Order Loading Full / Item Wise / Partial Quantity.
  • Supplier wise separate calculations for different type of bills.
  • Entry No. provision for Purchase Bills.
  • Pick Rates, Discount & Deal from any last, party last provision.
  • Last 4 deals for Rate, Discount, Deals & Cost comparisons.
  • Testing required after purchase provision.
  • Purchase Type wise Sales Bounds provision.
  • Provision to save Purchase Item remark for print in sale.
  • All / One by one Size/Batch purchase feeding.
  • Purchase Return, Price Difference provision in bill.
  • 2 Item Discount in %, 4 Bill Discounts, 3 Add/Less, Cash Payment.
  • Rates & Scheme can be defined at the time of purchase.
  • Approx. Rate / Auto Rate change provision.
  • Checking provision for re-check batch rates, scheme.
  • Input Tax Credit changeable if calculation not matched.
  • Self-defined Goods Receipt Note printing.
  • Self-defined Label Printing.
  • Barcode creation & Self-defined Barcode Printing.

Printing Attraction

In Rade, you can design formats of bill, voucher, bank letter, reminder, barcode, label, estimate, etc. There is provision to print Bill & Reports on separate printers automatically, you can also select printer port at the time of printing and can be pre fixed as per requirement.

Purchase Analysis

In NPSM, you can analyze your purchase with the help of thousands of reports. In each and every report there is several filters or options are available so that you can analyze your requirements. You can transfer these reports even on excel etc.
  • Day / Month / Bills wise Statement.
  • Company / Item / Supplier wise Statements & Summaries.
  • Bill wise Items Self Life Statement.
  • Purchase Bill value difference statement.
  • Purchase checking statement with sales rates & deals.
  • Bill wise Purchase Cost Cross Checking statement.
  • Purchase Discount Mismatch Statement.
  • Purchase Planning (Best Supplier) Statement.
  • Item/Company/Supplier Purchase Analysis.
  • Free Receive Analysis.
  • Item & Bills wise Discount Analysis.

Sales Analysis

In NPSM, you can analyze your business with the help of thousands of reports. In each and every report there is several filters or options are available so that you can analyze your requirements. You can transfer these reports even on excel, pdf etc.
  • All reports for single / all operator bases.
  • Sales Statements & Summaries with & w/o Items.
  • Party / Company & Party / Item wise summarized Sales Report.
  • Date / Month wise Cash / Credit sales summary.
  • Bill wise Statement.
    1. From Date to Date, From Bill to Bill provision
    2. Cash / Credit / Both
    3. Club cash sale
    4. Stock Less & Challan Add option.
    5. Report for Sale, Sale-Return, S/Return, Replacement, etc
    6. Summarized, Detail, Columnar option
    7. Day total & with / w/o Item detail option.
  • Party Return Analysis (Return & Break/Expiry percentage wise).
    1. All parties return analysis
    2. All Companies/Areas/Rout/MR return analysis
    3. Party wise Return, Replacement & Pending Analysis.
  • Customer wise Sales Summary.
  • Company / Supplier wise Lifting (Purchase) & Off take (Sales) Analysis.
  • Consolidated Sales Book, Only Sale, Sale – Return Book.
  • Company / Item wise Sales, Return & Breakage/Expiry analysis.
  • Rate Comparison Statement.
  • Challan adjusted in bill statement.
  • Bills wise challan adjusted statement.
  • Sales Return, Brk/Exp, Replacement, Price Diff, # Items in Billt.
  • Sales, Amendment & Collection Summary.

Outstanding Analysis

In NPSM, several reports are available in outstanding these are very beneficial for your company. You can check Area/Salesman/Route/Party or whole outstanding. Tagging system for collection in Rade software is very strong.
  • Party wise Bill-by-bill, FIFO & On Account provision.
  • Party, Area, Whole Outstanding.
  • Bill Holding provision for disputed bills.
  • Separate remark for Bill.
  • Provision to print Day bases List same as Monday, Tue….
  • Bill date selection provision.
  • Overdue / Whole dues printing provision.
  • Provision to Less Post-dated cheque.
  • Pending Credit Notes Show or not In outstanding.
  • Company wise outstanding (Auto calculate from multi company bill).
  • Provision to print Stock Less / Cash bills outstanding.
  • Outstanding export in Excel.
  • Outstanding Printing
    1. Columnar, Both Side, Simple list printing
    2. With Detail (Pending PDC, Interest, Remark)
    3. Party wise Summary Printing
    4. Rade special ageing analysis.
    5. Ageing Analysis Summary or with Bill details
    6. Add/Less Analysis (Overdue, Todays, Coming Dues Analysis)
    7. Bank Statement (Eg. >30 days & <=Days with Total).
  • Payment Reminder.

Credit Limits

In NPSM two types of Credit limits are available i.e. Primary Credit Limits and Final Credit Limit. Bills can be generated by the help of password if primary credit limits get crossed. If final credit limits get crossed and once you have set "follow strictly" in party's master then it will not allow crossing the limit. In NPSM you can set limits in three ways- Maximum Amount, Maximum Bills, and Maximum Days. In NPSM there is advance provision available regarding Temporary Limits in which management can give authority to the party for bill generation in the case of emergency.
  • Default provision for all parties
  • Party wise separate credit limits in Amount, Bills & Due Days.
  • If party cross his credit limit then Indicate, Follow Strictly, Stop Billing.
  • Provision to include Challan value in credit limit.
  • Separate Primary limits. Operator wise powers to cross with password.
  • Provision for Cash billing allowed or not if credit limit cross.
  • Utility to Auto fix party credit limit on the bases of Sale.
  • Send direct SMS if party cross his primary / credit limit.
  • Provision to calculate amount after selected date for Credit limit.
  • Provision for Cash/Stock Less outstanding check for credit limit.

Multi Series Provisions

Series feature of NPSM is very advance so that customer can use this option for maintaining reports, outstanding etc. In this you can set series wise rates & discounts. You can use company wise different series for billing & reporting. Even this can be used for differentiate Tax & Retail billing.
  • Barcode Searching on Item, Batch/Size/MRP/etc.
  • Show item list with Barcode No. provision.
  • Item Searching on Name for Barcode Missing on +key.
  • Print only self-defined barcode for un-barcoded items.
  • Barcode printing on Laser, Deskjet & Other Barcode Printers.
  • Self-defined Barcode Printing Format.
  • GS1, Serial, Shuffle Barcode creation system inbuilt.

Salesman Selection

In NPSM, salesman selection is done in various ways. Salesman wise reports and outstanding are very advance. Even there are provisions available to filter reports salesman wise and calculate commissions of salesman.
  • Party / Series / Loop wise M.R. Selection.
  • Salesman wise Ledger & Outstanding maintenance.
  • Few areas maintain Ledgers & O/s of Salesman not of Party.
  • Salesman Commission calculation, posting & profit effect or not provision.
  • Provision to merge duplicate items if Rate & Discount is same.
  • Corporate Ledger & Outstanding system (Bill to multiple location & accounts to Head Office).
  • Provision to set Station, Area, D.L.No., Name, Code wise Party Selection.
  • Multi Sales Return, Replacement, Price Difference Dr/Cr Note in Sales Bill.
  • Sales Return, Replacement, Price Difference Dr/Cr Note in Sales Bill.
  • Items only to ask percentage & Amount.
  • Stocks & Billing in Multi Unit eg 10 Bag 12 Kg.
  • Auto rate calculation on the bases of MRP/Cost/Purchase Rate/Any Rate.
  • Provision for Negative Stock.
  • Repeat Billed Items Indication & merge print provision.
  • Actual Cost, Cost W/o Deal etc multi cost saving provision.
  • Predefined set of Items & loading on bill.
  • Company wise Discount Summary & Bulk Amendment.
  • Auto display of Last deal of selected product with Party/Last al deals on Ctrl+S.
  • Selected Item Purchase Detail / Sale to Party / Return Analysis / Issue / Receive analysis.
  • Insert Item on selected row between 2 items.
  • Billed Item Batch/Profit detail with scroll to cross check rates/deals etc.

Free Scheme (Bonus)

In some business schemes management is very important part of billing. There are several ways to issue free schemes, which are not possible in every software. In NPSM, all ways are available to issue free schemes automatically.
  • Party Master, Item, Batch, Date wise scheme.
  • Free scheme calculation on Item, Batch, Manual, Lot bases.
  • Default/Party wise Free calculation in reverse with round off provision.
  • Provision to merge duplicate items if Rate & Discount is same.
  • Provision to calculate free scheme in amount if Free Quantity.
  • Provision to give all free goods in Quantity / Amount.
  • Item/Party wise scheme calculation upto Full,Half,1/3,Qtr.,All scheme.
  • Tax on free goods Company/Item/Batch wise option.
  • Hot key to calculate lot rate (Rate less scheme).
  • Provision to show free stock separate in item/batch window.

Discount System

In NPSM, Discount System is fully advanced. In this different types of discounts are available like- Percentage, per unit, Lump sum etc. in this you can set Bill wise, Item wise or Group wise discounts.
  • Item wise 2 Discount in percentage.
  • Company/Item/Party-Company/Party-Item Discount.
  • Company wise separate discount % for Cash/Credit parties.
  • Date wise Rates, Schemes & Discount provision.
  • Quantity wise Discounts.
  • Ask for Discount change save in Party Special dealings.
  • Various provisions for Discount Calculation.
  • Provision for Bills discount on the bases of Bill Value.

Bill Printing

In NPSM, you can design bill formats both in GUI and DMP. The Bill Format Designer is that much advance as it is fulfilling all the requirements of our 10 Lakh plus users.
  • Self-designed unlimited format for GUI & DMP.
  • Party/Series/Agency wise different invoice formats.
  • Separate headers & formats for Bill, Challan & Estimate.
  • Duplicate format auto printing (2 Column Printing).
  • In sales bill, Self-defined heading of Sales Return headings in Sales Bill.
  • Adjusted Debit/Credit Note with / w/o item detail print provision.
  • Size printing in columnar format.
  • Vat % wise Variables for Sub totals, Discounts, Vat, etc.
  • Provision to print Index/Company/Group wise subtotal & heading.
  • Index/Company/Group wise separate slip printing.
  • Self-Definable variables for sum & print.
  • New/Lot Rate Items print in Bold/Sign.
  • Print 1/2/3 Items per line.
  • Print item in same line if Rates & Discount are same.
  • Unlimited Bill/Item remark.
  • Default Terms & Conditions.
  • Provision to print Company Logo/Item Photo.
  • Provision to print Acknowledgement.
  • Provision to print Pending Order.

Flexibility & Facilities on Billing

In NPSM, Billing system is much advance and flexible in which your Customer's, Transport & Bankers requirement can be fulfilled. Hot keys in NPSM's billing system are very much advanced; you can switch over from bill to any report and vice versa.
  • Alpha Numeric Bill No. Eg. 0001/AP-0001/98-99-0001 .
  • Party & Item creation / modification at the time of Billing.
  • Both Local & Integral Sales facility.
  • Change discount / rate and store in master on Billing.
  • Stock available & Free available status for Item on Billing.
  • Negative Stock Billing if required (Optional).
  • Cash receiving facility at the time of billing.
  • Supplied Items on Challan Indication print on Bill.
  • Sales Tax Forms/L.R. No./Rpt./Banker for Central Sales.
  • All Reports at the time of billing.
  • Expired Item Indication .
  • Item selection on FIFO /Self Selection/Self Selection + FIFO/Manual Feeding bases.
  • Provision to go on Free/Rate/Discount on special key otherwise skip.
  • Hot key to load Pending Challan, Return Challan, Pending Orders.
  • Bank, Transport, L.R., Bank Rebate, Order No., etc feeding.
  • Invoice, Challan, Estimate, Bank Letter, Packing Slip etc printing provisions.

User Friendly

NPSM is fully menu driven and pop-up based software so there is no need of remembering codes. Rade is designed according to those businessmen's who have less knowledge of computer so they can operate this software easily.
  • Fully Menu Driven.
  • Easy to Implement.
  • No need to search special staff 90% operated by owners.
  • No need to remember codes, Fully popup base.
  • Provision to search Item on Name, Code, Barcode & Company wise.
  • Provision to search Party on Name, Code, Area.
  • Pop-up Lists for all selections & multi selections.
  • Keyboard / Mouse Operated.


NPSM is very advance and flexible software as you can customize it according to your business. It means there is no need to change yourself according to software as software will change according to your requirements


Securities In NPSM, management can set powers and limitations operator wise. There is a provision through which you can freeze ledger's transactions.
  • software / User / Company Password.
  • User wise Powers & Limitations.
  • Special Powers & features for Supervisor.
  • Unchecked Bills/Voucher list.
  • Voucher History & Passing Authority.
  • User wise show : Full Menu / Personal Menu / Hot Keys.
  • Data Freezing system on Date, Ledger, Sales.
  • Day wise closing.

Multi Options

You can operate NPSM with multi provisions.
  • Multiple Companies
  • Multi Unit
  • Multiple Godowns
  • Multiple Financial Years
  • Multi Firm Billing on single Bill

Utilities & Backups

In NPSM, strong backup facility and related utilities are available so that there is no loss of data and you can work smoothly
  • Easy new financial year creation with automatic carry balances
  • Selective Carry balances from last year at any time
  • Error Checking & Reposting of Data (Self Doctor)
  • Junk Data Clearance
  • Structure Verification
  • Popup Calculator & User Notepad on Tips
  • Self-defined Standard Narration
  • Backup Server (Auto backup after 30min / 1 Hour / defined time)
  • Company wise financial year wise data Backups & Restore
  • Delete financial year with 2 backup sets
  • Online Support System connect with support centre
  • Multi Deletion / Multi Edit / Multi Merging facility
  • Screen Resolution & Buttons display
  • Electronic Data Exchange
  • Credit Limits on Amount, Bills, Days with Stop Billing facility

Email, SMS & Personal Organizer

In NPSM, there are provisions of auto sms & email regarding bills, outstanding, reminders, schemes, etc. You can maintain your personal diary & appointments in NPSM software
  • Direct SMS (Chargeable)
    1. Self-defined User ID, Password & Sender ID (Under TRAI Rules)
    2. Bulk SMS to Debtors, Creditors, Field Staff and any account group
    3. Bulk SMS to Personal Directory
    4. SMS to given number
    5. SMS Ledger Statement to Party
    6. SMS Outstanding to Party/Field Staff
  • SMS Bill Detail to Party
    1. ask before send SMS or direct send
    2. Send Party Balance with bill detail
    3. Item detail with Item Name / Item SMS Code (Short code)
  • SMS of Manufacturing Issue & Receive with copy to admin
  • SMS Receipt / Payment thanks sms to Party
  • SMS on Post Dated Cheques Receipt & Bank Deposit Reminder
  • SMS Icon everywhere to send SMS
  • Direct Email
    1. Provision to send Email through SMTP (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Rediffmail, ibibo & other
    2. Provision to send Email through Outlook
    3. Mail send from E-Mail ID, User ID, Password setup
    4. E-Mail Softcopy of Invoice to customers for Purchase Import
    5. Email Party Ledger on single click
    6. Email any Report to Customer, Field Staff or any E-/Mail ID
    7. Email Icon everywhere to send anything to any E-Mail

One Time Masters

In NPSM, once you set all the setups or masters then there is no need to remember and software can run accordingly.
  • Party & Others Ledgers
  • Account Group (If not defined)
  • Sales/Purchase Tax Masters
  • Inventory Groups/Salt/Company/Category
  • Item Master
  • 9 Price Lists
  • Date wise Price List
  • Party wise special dealings
  • Opening Balances of Ledgers & Items
  • Stock Minimum / Maximum / Re-Order Levels
  • Setup & Formats

Tally Data Transfer

In NPSM, you can transfer your billing and accounting data to Tally ERP. 9.
  • The entire sales voucher e.g. sale invoice, sales return are transfer with all details tax that are mentioned in the NPSM.
  • The entire purchase voucher e.g. purchase invoice, purchase return are transfer with all details tax that are mentioned in the NPSM.
  • Along with that other transaction such as Cash Payment, Cash Receipt etc.
  • All of bill by bill payment and receipt entries are transferred.
  • One can compare the data in tally and NPSM according to their convenience.
  • One can select what transaction \ entries he needs to be transferred into tally.
  • You can maintain as TALLY in NPSM.
  • One can maintain unit codes, accounting group according to tally.