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Software Housing Society

This Society Management System Software offers flexible role management with granular access to functionality, improving information and data security. Offering multiple role system ensures fine grain access control, enabling strong data security while it makes information available only on need to know basis. With this housing society management system software you can assign a super user role to the one who is an overall authority of the portal. With this Apartment Management System Software multiple users can be assigned as administrators of same module that helps in effective delegation of responsibilities. Electricity and maintenance bill of all the members can be generated at once and the respective invoice of all the individuals goes to their registered email IDs automatically. Communities, societies, apartment buildings, corporate office blocks, and similar properties are worth in millions. Can you let them be mismanaged and let your huge investment on them into the drains? We can't let you do it. Go digital with our society data management system. It will streamline your administrative process. Install this software on any of your devices like phone or computer and manage your property with ease. All the unique data regarding your property is compiled in one place and have the management strings to be in your control.

  • Customize the software according to your administrative needs
  • Assign authority by creating a sub-user management committee to distribute work
  • Create secure login details for each member allowing them access to it
  • Real-time monitoring and management of society made possible
  • Generate secure payment gateways for easy payments and avoid fraud
  • Free and fair accounting and billing
  • Install the communicating app for ease of communication

Feature of Software Housing Society

Maintenance Bills Management

The upkeep of facilities in apartments and offices is vital. So will it be in yours. Every member has different needs and has to be provided with these facilities accordingly and then billed for the same each month. This is much work when done manually. Then providing correct bills for the usage needs to be done meticulously. Have you attained this needed precision each time when done manually? Why not let this huge responsibility be handled digitally? We are here to provide this facility with our maintenance bills management software. So let's list the benefits:

  • Easy facility booking and ticketing
  • Bills generated as per use of facilities
  • Easy payment gateways
  • Different modes of payments
  • Instant e receipt on payment of bills
  • Generate notification and reminders for late payment and nonpayment

Staff Management

Recruitment of staff for any office is a common practice. So it is for communities and societies to run them efficiently. However, these staff that is recruited need to be managed and taken care of. This can be tricky and laborious when handled by humans. Instead, why not use our staff management software and let it handle all the complexities of their recruitment, position, work, salary, leave taken and so on digitally. Install it at your place and see how better everything can be managed with ease and due diligence. Going digital for managing your staff can turn out to be really beneficial for you the user. Why not make the best of it? Would you not want to know the benefits for you as a user? Here goes

  • Manage attendance record of each and every worker diligently
  • Record their punch in and punch out timings
  • Track their activities
  • Keep a record of absence
  • Create their work schedule
  • Monitor employee efficiency
  • Streamline staff data
  • Chronicle their profile
  • Detect possible threats

Visitors Management

Visitors can't be stopped from calling in at apartment buildings or at the office buildings. For the safety of occupants here always such visits are tracked albeit manually. But doing so manually always has given room for lapses. These gaps have most of the time turned out to be truly costly for the residents and management. When we are here such slips can be done away with. Just install our visitors management system at your place and keep every occupant safe from such attacks of culprits by tracking their details. Going digital can be more beneficial as the manual lapses can be overcome with ease. The software can help running the society or community safely and securely once it is installed. Know the list of benefits and ensure occupants safety.

  • Set policy for visitors
  • Issue visitor passes
  • Register visitors digitally with fingerprint registration
  • Help set up visitor kiosks
  • Notification via SMS and email
  • Make reports and run them
  • Know about the details immediately
  • Integrate security in all corners of the community or society

Assets Management

Household and office setup have many assets and so does a community that provides housing and workplace facilities to users. You being one of these providers believe in managing and maintaining everything with precision. But is it possible to do so manually when so much is at stake? No of course. So you need our assets management software to manage everything in your domain efficiently. Install this software and operate it via your computing device and see the difference and know which a better way of managing your assets is. Benefits list:

  • Asset information is always within reach
  • Whereabouts of all assets is known at all times
  • Keep track of all the assets from machines, facilities, and so on in one go.
  • At a glance review of asset demands from users.

Performance in businesses is key for growth. The companies need to make announcements and send messages to the employees. This is done via a dashboard in many an office. Keeping a track of it and also updating this wooden or some such dashboard from time to time manually is a time consuming and effortful task. Why not use our Dashboards & Reports software to reach your employees with ease and diligence? The message sure reaches everyone without fail. Make the data interactive, engaging, informative and interesting for greater impact.

  • Beautiful dashboards create more interest
  • The impact can be more with making it attractive
  • Messages can be conveyed with ease when an interest is created
  • Presentations can have more impact when done via striking dashboard platform

Every business generates a lot of data and each has to be stored in documents and files. There is a lot of information in any corporate setup and this has to be kept safe. Now when most of the businesses use the digital mode most of the files are also in this digital mode. Then why should the filing and compiling be done manually? Let the digital take over from the analog mode. Our software Files & Documents can help do this with ease and efficiency and a much better way. Going digital has many benefits over the use of analog mode. There can be a loss of data due to accidents or any lapse on the part of human beings. The use of the digital platform rings in a lot of benefits for storing the files and documents safely and securely. The benefits our software brings for you are

  • Efficiently stores large volumes of data
  • Information kept safe and locked
  • Access to any information and data is quick and easy
  • Easy to compile the data and streamline it date wise

Meetings & Circulations

Holding meetings, seminars, and conferences are a part and parcel of the corporate world. These need to be scheduled and the venue and timings need to be arranged and planned. Again invites need to be sent and their seating arrangements have to be made. When such occasions are a frequent affair, managing this is really a tedious task. Again the agenda of each meeting and conference are different every time. But when using our Meetings & Circulations software all this can be done with ease instead of doing everything manually. Choosing to go digital over analog can bring about a lot of benefits for the users like you. So many tasks can be handled with ease which would have been difficult when done manually. Both physical meetings and online meetings can be scheduled with the use of this software. So go about your meetings and video conference diligently availing the benefits. List of benefits :

  • Convene the meetings
  • Generate minutes
  • Carry forward actions of meetings
  • Arrange venue
  • Schedule meetings
  • Integrate with different tools
  • Automates all follow-ups and tracking

Accounting Attraction

One of the finest features in this application is accounting details. These accounting entries allows user to enter and maintain basic expenses and incomes.