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Restaurateurs have to perform a balancing act: Maintaining consistent quality of services while ensuring higher revenue. To do so, they require all the tools that can make their day-to-day process easier. Fortunately, restaurant management software comes with all the features that can help improve and enhance every possible function within a restaurant, be it kitchen order management, online ordering, timely food delivery or inventory management. However, not all Hotel management software serves the same purpose. Restaurant owners and managers need to understand their requirement first to choose what they think is most suitable for their restaurant. There are certain essential restaurant management software features which you just can’t ignore at the time of selecting the best restaurants software India.

  • Table management.
  • Inventory control.
  • Restaurant Billing.
  • Cash flow management.
  • Order monitoring.
  • Menu Engineering.
  • Analytics.

Features and benefits

All Hotel have their own set of needs. This scenario can make picking the right restaurant management software is a real task. Thus, every restaurateur must look for the below-mentioned features when choosing reliable restaurant management software to manage operations, employees and in turn, increase sales.

Speedy Interface and Quick Checkout

Speed is the most crucial feature of a Hotel's POS. As owners and managers, you can’t afford to have delays and lags in your system, especially on busy days. Most tablets these days are dependent on your internet bandwidth speed. This means that slow internet will lead to slow POS. Thus, ensure that you know whether your system is internet-based, a local hardwired type, or hybrid (local and internet). Usually, a local or hybrid system is more reliable for a busy restaurant when compared to an Internet-based point of sale. Thus, to get the maximum speed for your business operations, choose wisely.

Reservation Bookings & Guest Database

Maintain a guest database even before your guests walk in your restaurant. Opt for efficient restaurant management software to help you maintain your reservation book and continuously update it with guest information.Collecting information even before your guests walk in your restaurant will keep you better prepared for your staff pre-service. Not only this, but it’ll also help you provide improve and personalized customer services.

Smooth Billing Operations

The final punch of the meal is the bill. It’s the last impression a restaurant owner leaves on a customer. Billing is a crucial aspect of this business. Thus, you must opt for software that performs all billing operations smoothly. Reliable software for restaurant management must take care of the entire billing process and undertake activities related to adding/removing items in an order, splitting bills, etc.In this article, let’s take a look at the ten best restaurant management software that are currently quite popular in the market. The extensive list of restaurant software India along with their features will help potential buyers invest in the right solution.

Sales Bill Attraction

Crisp and Quick Billing: To keep customers happy at your food outlet, you need to ensure fast and simple billing process with restaurant software.
Online Order Integration: Integration with Zomato, Swiggy and other ordering channels is easy, allowing you to manage every order from the POS.
Prevent Inventory Pilferage: You will get stock alerts and can track inventory wastage with this restaurants software. With the help of consumption report, identifying inconsistency or inventory pilferage becomes easier. 
Stock Management: You can reduce inventory wastage in your restaurant by keeping track of every ingredient being used.
Flexible Menu Management: You can add or remove any item from the menu digitally and also update the price and main ingredients of all menu items.
In-Built Loyalty Management Module: Now you can manage contact details and food preferences of customers to offer them personalized offers.
Customer Profiling: This restaurant management software will help understand your customer preferences better so that you can design your menu and loyalty program accordingly. Advanced Analytics: This restaurant software provides a user-friendly dashboard to manage all your outlet sales and get daily business reports.
Runs in Offline Mode: Even when you are offline, you can punch in orders and download business reports with Restaurant software.
Table Creation & Transfer: It allows you to create as many tables as you want and the Transfer KOT option makes it possible to make changes in customer orders anytime.
Customized Menus: Easily build customized menus, manage guest orders, and adopt several payment methods using this software.

Purchase Attraction

In Rest several calculation methods are available which will help you in matching the bill values sent by supplier. There is provision in which you can feed and check sales rates & deal etc at the time of purchase.
  • Supplier wise separate calculations for different type of bills
  • Entry No. provision for Purchase Bills.
  • Testing required after purchase provision.
  • Purchase Type wise Sales Bounds provision.
  • Provision to save Purchase Item remark for print in sale.
  • Purchase Return, Price Difference provision in bill.
  • Approx. Rate / Auto Rate change provision
  • Input Tax Credit changeable if calculation not matched.
  • Self-defined Goods Receipt Note printing.

Accounting Attraction

Rest is basic accounting software. You can handle your accounting details in very efficient manner. This efficiency is can be maintained as following:
  • You can maintain cash receipt and cash payment.
  • You can enter daily cash expenses that are to be maintained.
  • You can also maintain bank transaction in through our Rest application.
  • One can maintain expenses and incomes of company.
  • You can create accounts according to accounts groups.
  • You can analyze the accounting transaction through voucher list that is provided to you.
  • Also we can maintain ledger of the vendors who are in business with you.
  • Designed day book can help you with the daily details of our voucher entries.
All-inclusive restaurant management software helps maximize profits and reduce costs. The prime focus of restaurant owners remains to provide exceptional customer experience to each guest. Thus, robust restaurant management software is what you need to enjoy the benefits of increased efficiency and spot-on management. Restaurant reservation and management software allows customers to book tables easily online. It provides the following benefits:

Tracks Sales

promotional offers, and costs, so your business information is precise and spot-on to the last thing. Incomes, hence, are precisely giving you the actual condition of your activity. Efficient restaurant management software has a built-in alert to notify you of any changes. Say, for instance, it tells you about the gap between order volume and stock level at the end of each day. These alerts are usually sent via phone, emails, or seen from a dashboard. Even sales data can be broken down into several categories, such as customer names, bestselling item rankings, or card versus cash payments.

Improves Communication

It’s a fact that most employees prefer joining a firm that values open communication. Thus, your restaurant employee scheduling software must include features to encourage dialogue with the team. This way, your team remains updated with all that’s happening in your restaurant.

Controls Inventory

The success of any restaurant depends majorly on how efficiently you manage the purchase of products and how well you store your inventory. Not only this, basis the demands of your customers, make sure you use your stock to the fullest. Thus, to taste success, know your inventory well and see what and how much you need to purchase.

Prepares Accurate Financial Statements

To track your expenses, taxes, profits, employee salaries, inventory, etc. just create weekly and monthly reports of financial statements using comprehensive restaurant management software. Thus, simplify the process of making financial statements reflecting profit and loss, taxes, etc. with a robust restaurant management software.

Bill Printing

In Hotel, you can design bill formats both in GUI and DMP. The Bill Format Designer is that much advance as it is fulfilling all the requirements of our 10 Lakh plus users.
  • Self-designed unlimited format for GUI & DMP
  • Party/Series/Agency wise different invoice formats
  • Separate headers & formats for Bill, Challan & Estimate
  • Duplicate format auto printing (2 Column Printing)
  • Size printing in columnar format
  • Vat % wise Variables for Sub totals, Discounts, Vat, etc
  • Provision to print Index/Company/Group wise subtotal & heading
  • Index/Company/Group wise separate slip printing
  • Self-Definable variables for sum & print
  • Print 1/2/3 Items per line
  • Print item in same line if Rates & Discount are same
  • Unlimited Bill/Item remark
  • Default Terms & Conditions
  • Provision to print Company Logo/Item Photo
  • Provision to print Acknowledgement

Flexibility & Facilities on Billing

In Rest, Billing system is much advance and flexible in which your Customer's, Transport & Bankers requirement can be fulfilled. Hot keys in Rest billing system are very much advanced; you can switch over from bill to any report and vice versa.
  • Alpha Numeric Bill No. E.g. 0001/AP-0001/98-99-0001
  • Party & Item creation / modification at the time of Billing
  • Both Local & Integral Sales facility
  • Change discount / rate and store in master on Billing
  • Stock available & Free available status for Item on Billing
  • Negative Stock Billing if required (Optional)
  • Cash receiving facility at the time of billing
  • Supplied Items on Challan Indication print on Bill
  • All Reports at the time of billing
  • Expired Item Indication
  • Provision to go on Free/Rate/Discount on special key otherwise skip

Utilities & Backups

In Rest, strong backup facility and related utilities are available so that there is no loss of data and you can work smoothly
  • Easy new financial year creation with automatic carry balances
  • Selective Carry balances from last year at any time
  • Junk Data Clearance
  • Structure Verification
  • Popup Calculator & User Notepad on Tips
  • Self-defined Standard Narration
  • Backup Server
  • Online Support System connect with support centre
  • Multi Deletion / Multi Edit / Multi Merging facility
  • Screen Resolution & Buttons display
  • Electronic Data Exchange

One Time Masters

In Rest, once you set all the setups or masters then there is no need to remember and software can run accordingly. Party & Others Ledgers.
  • Account Group (If not defined)
  • Sales/Purchase Tax Masters
  • Inventory Groups/ Company/Category
  • Item Master
  • Menu Generation
  • Date wise Price List
  • Party wise special dealings
  • Opening Balances of Ledgers & Items
  • Channel Partner Creation

Customer Services and Support

  • Multilingual support, user define data fields.
  • Integration with major payment gateways in India.
  • Graphical data representation on the dashboard.
  • Secure access rights for each functionality.
To sum up, restaurant management software allows restaurant owners and managers to organize business and stay updated about all business-related processes. A powerful software helps employees and owners so that they can keep track of orders, inventory, and analytics. It’s imperative to choose the restaurant management software that best suits your business requirements. Mentioned above is the list of some of the best restaurant management software available for purchase.